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The scope of our experience allows us to assist our clients from the selection of their corporate identity to the negotiation and defense of their most valuable intangibles.

Logo de la Asociación Dominicana de Propiedad Intelectual ADOPI
International Trademark Association INTA
Logo Asociación Interamericana de Propiedad Intelectual ASIPI
Pharmaceutical Trade Marks Group PTMG

Felix & Co. is a firm established in 2011 in the Dominican Republic.

No.We specialize in providing expert legal services related to all aspects of Intellectual Property.

Our team of attorneys has extensive experience in the laws and regulations surrounding patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade names, trade slogans, labels, and other intangible assets.

​Practice Areas

Group of lawyers discussing trademarks

Intellectual property

  • brands

  • mottos

  • Tradenames

  • labels

  • Commercial Slogans

American Judge and Litigation


  • counterfeits

  • Trademark Infringement

  • confiscations

  • civil and criminal

  • unfair competition

Inventions and Patents

Industrial property

  • patents

  • Industrial Designs

  • Industrial Models

Reviewing Legal Agreement

Sanitary Records

  • Food and drinks

  • Medical devices

  • pharmacists

  • Personal and Household Hygiene Products

Patentability Search

Corporate Law

  • Society Constitution

  • contracts

  • assemblies

Globe Worldwide Agency Service

Trademark Agency Services

  • Cayman Islands

  • Jamaica

  • Puerto Rico

  • barbados

  • curacao

  • Ancient

  • Costa Rica

  • Haiti


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